What the heck is sliding scale? 

We offer sliding scale retail practices on most of our products because we believe art, creativity, and mindfulness are a privilege that should be more accessible. Accessibility is the how and the why of our intentions and creations. The minimum amount is what we are able to charge in order for this to be a sustainable artistic practice for us, while the highest amount allows for you to share your monetary privilege if you have it to share. Everyone wins! This is an experiment and if you are not interested in this experiment I encourage you to make your own! Art is for everyone to make and enjoy. 

Okay Shoe is actively challenging the wellness industry to be more financially and physically accessible by catering to the needs of those from a diverse economic status. By adopting a sliding scale retail pricing model and engaging consumer mindfulness, we are broadening the market that we are able to serve. Accessibility can change the world through mindfulness, and is the how and the why of the intentions and creations of this business model.

Who runs Okay Shoe? 

Right now Okay Shoe is a one human operation run by Phoebe Taylor. Read more about our why on our About page!