Commitment to Anti-Racism

Okay Shoe stands for liberation. For every being to be their full weird freaky self. And when we say everyone, we must actively include and welcome in Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, Queer and Trans communities. Okay Shoe lives at the intersection of art, intuition and wellness. Mindfulness, self-care and slowing down are a privilege that should be more accessible. Accessibility is the how and the why of our intentions and creations. By taking care of yourself first, you can better take care of others. Accessibility and mindfulness is how we will change the world. Through this we are committed to embedding Anti-Racism work into our business operations, into the DNA of Okay Shoe. We are utilizing Barbara J Loves Liberatory Consciousness Framework of Awareness, Analysis, Accountability and Action and applying this to our thoughts, perspective and actions as a business in the wellness world. Okay Shoe strives to be an example of a for-profit business that is socially conscious and committed to the communities we serve.

Okay Shoe stands for liberation, for every being to be their own freak self
Okay Shoe stands for collaboration, to go father together
Okay Shoe stands for opportunity, to give what we didn’t get
Okay Shoe stands for you and me and making art together in this big giant terrible magical universe

Where we are at. 

Right now Okay Shoe is just me, Phoebe. It is my goal and mission that Okay Shoe becomes a diverse platform for creative voices and for our collaborators. So far we have been able to donate our May 2020 sales to the Let’s Talk About Race panelist to generate a speakers fee. We will continue to amplify and invest in the Black community. 

We donated a portion of  November and December sales to Defund The Hamilton Police Services.  

Proudly Printed In China! 

The Okay Oracle Deck is PROUDLY PRINTED IN CHINA. There is a racist assumption that manufacturing in China (or any manufacturing "oversees") is synonymous with poor quality, knock offs or poor labour practises. Ethical manufacturing conditions are not black and white. There are unfair labour practises in Canada, there are sweatshops in North America. There is an implied shame when your goods are not 1004837% handmade or aren’t made in Canada. (This is a requirement in MANY craft show applications)

I was deeply deeply inspired by to add the word PROUDLY in our made in China tag, because I am PROUD to support our manufacturers GREAT work @printninja

Artists and designers have so much authority on how and where we spend our money, and have an amazing opportunity to showcase ethical manufacturing from all around the world.

How we Are Embedding Anti-Racism into our business operations 

We have taken the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge lead by Hello Seven, this includes 

  • Engaging in in Anti-Racist Education for our team and collaborators
  • Quarterly check in with ourselves and our community, accountability is how we make this work sustainable. 
  • We are Investing 30% of our operations budget to the Black Community. Hiring Black Freelancers and Collaborators, Black Owned Software and Services. We vote with our wallets daily, we will continue to invest in the Black community with our business dollars.
  • We are committed to discomfort and growing pains. We welcome feedback and allow for anyone gracious enough to call in our fuck-ups, we are humble and ready to fumble.

It is a privilege to hold things as apolitical, to pick and choose what to care or feel deeply about is a privilege. Everything is political. If a company having an Anti-Racism action plan offends you, I would ask you what inside you is clinging to that? What piece of you is clinging to unexplored white supremacy? What are your beliefs rooted in? And then go and do some learning and unlearning (I suggest Robin Lacambra’s Sharing Privilege Course as a place to start).

We are not perfect. We are going to make mistakes. We are going to fuck up. We are humble. We are ready to fumble. 

Okay Shoe is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Resources and Places of Learning/Unlearning 

Small Business Town Hall With Hello 7 

Barbara J Love

Erica Hines

Robin Lacambra Sharing Privilege