All the Street Signs Print at home (pack of 5)


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A big pack of all the streets signs to collage and collate in your windows. Show your street how much you love and miss them and plaster your windows with messages of okayishness. 

Includes all five of the Street Signs series with three different printer options.

"Feelings are our superpowers"

"I'm proud of us"

"Everything is awful everything is a fucking miracle" 

"We are resilient" 

"Mutual Belonging of Okayishness"

Print at home poster. High res pdf download with three options of printer settings. Full colour background = printer heavy, Colour text = printer friendly Black and white = print chill

*A note on a sliding scale and transparency! This is an experiment! 

If you see the price you would like to pay listed as “out of stock” please get in touch to we can adjust my inventory quantities listed. The highest amount is the retail value of the Okay Oracle deck, while the minimum amount is what we are able to charge in order for this to be a sustainable artistic practice for us. Everyone wins! This is an experiment and if you are not interested in this experiment I encourage you to make your own! Art is for everyone to make and enjoy.