Artist Bio Ab-libs Worksheet!


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Okay so like you know how it's really hard to describe what you do and what you are putting out in the world? And when people ask, “What kind of artist are you?” your brain immediately goes blank? And how sometimes it is super hard to define yourself and explain what you do and care about? How many artist bios to you have sitting in your google drive? Do you write a new bio every time you are asked for one? ITS OK! 

Phoebe Taylor from Okay Shoe + Jacqueline Wills from &arts have created worksheet to explore ALL THOSE THINGS and have concocted a formula to make telling people about yourself clear + simple.

This sheet is part prompt, part play to help you create an artist bio that truly reflects who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

As artists ourselves, we know that the “talk about yourself + what you do” question can feel like A LOT! So, we wanted to create an easy, fun, not-so-intimidating tool to help you create something you can pull out at any time to share what you do. A reminder: we love you, and the world needs you, and you DO have something to say.

Three page PDF download worksheet chock full of journaling prompts, questions to marinate on and a fill in the blanks artist bio sheet.