Decolonizing self-care: actions for radical rest

Decolonizing self-care: actions for radical rest

July 15 2020

Self-care has existed since human beings realized we need to take care of ourselves in order to survive, long before Gwenthy Paltro decided she gave the world yoga. Capitalism shows us that self-care is personal. A bubble bath from this shop, face mask from another and a $15 glass of wine on a Friday night is the ticket to bliss. Capitalism teaches us we must consume things (built on the backs of others) in order to feel good about ourselves. 

I'm not here to hate on baths and wine. I am an avid bath lover and a rosé aficionado myself. But what can we do after that candle goes out and the bathwater gets chilly? How can taking care of ourselves be beneficial to the world? If the personal is political, how can we use our personal self-care practises to benefit the world politically? Or better yet, how can we use self-care, for community care? 

When we can take better care of ourselves – whether that is with bubble baths, yoga or therapy – we can also take care of others, and we can go out and do the hard work of changing the world!