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Okay Shoe

Okay Shoe is a design studio run by Phoebe Taylor. Working with artists collaboritivly, Okay Shoe creates goods and space for mindfulness and care of your creative self. Our intention is to create wellness and divinity tools that foster intuition and creativity, helping you to slow down. Divinity tools remove roadblocks to make intuition accessible. Intuition is accessibility.

Pillow Puff Dreams

From the unique blobby Universe of Okay Shoe comes our newest collaboration with Ariel Bader-Shamai. Pillow Puff Dreams takes flight in the form of sweet squishy pillows and scrunchies to match. Lace your arms through your new pal and float away to dream land!

Okay. K. Okay

The Okay Oracle can help prompt your intuition and connect you to your rhythm using whatever experience you bring to the table. Something equal parts lofty, poetic, practical and digestible. Interpreted in any way, different meaning any day.

Tune in, take stock

Can we sit still? Can we give gaps? Can we meet the shadow? Can we unfurl, sow and unstick? Can we flow over the edge and then repeat? Ok? K. Okay.